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PolicyMe Life Insurance Review

Reviewing PolicyMe after 1 year of using it!

I’m Mark, and I nerd out on personal finances 🤓 I’m here to test our financial products to help you make better financial decisions to live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives.

This is my PolicyMe review where you’ll get the pros and cons of PolicyMe’s term life insurance. I’ve been using PolicyMe for past 12 months (since they started). Find all my Neo referral codes here.

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PolicyMe Pros

PolicyMe Cons

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Best PolicyMe Feature


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PolicyMe Term life insurance for Canadians

The low-fee, no bullshit life insurance for Canadians

PolicyMe Pros

If you have not watched my full PolicyMe review on YouTube, you should! PolicyMe has quickly became my favourite term life insurance provider for Canadians. Mainly because of:

Low overhead = low fees

No commission based insurance sales people 🙏

Private online applications 😄 (instead of going through these private medical questions with some random person)

Instant approval / decisions

Friendly and HONEST customer support

Do you even need insurance? Take their quick quiz

Nothing’s perfect, so here are the downsides of PolicyMe

PolicyMe Cons

Now before I go diving into this review it’s always important to ask yourself if you need life insurance, and when you need it for.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is people buying life insurance when they don’t need it. Or buying the wrong type of life insurance. PolicyMe is a digital life insurance company and these are the cons.

Term type life insurance only – which is the type that MOST people need

Support hours are limited to weekdays only

Long application – it took me about 25-45 minutes to complete their application

PolicyMe life insurance

PolicyMe FAQ’s

Is PolicyMe legit?

Yes, PolicyMe is a legitimate Canadian company. At it’s origin in 2018 it was a broker for other insurance companies. But in 2020 they partnered with Canadian Premier and now offers term life insurance directly to Canadians online. This is a subsidiary of Securian Financial and is federally regulated insurance provider in Canada.

Tens of thousands of Canadians have used PolicyMe to get affordable term life insurance and they have strong ratings online.

Who underwrites PolicyMe?

PolicyMe is a digital term life insurance company that is underwritten by The Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company for policy’s up to $5 Million dollars. Which is plenty for the vast majority of Canadians.

When do you NOT need life insurance?

If you have no one that depends on you… then you do not need life insurance. If you’re close to achieving FI or have enough assets to cover your debts and provide your dependents with enough to survive on. Then you also do not need life insurance.
For everyone else there is usually a case to be made to have some form of life insurance. Try the PolicyMe quiz to see if you should get life insurance or not.

How To Figure Out How Much Life Insurance You Need

#1 Use The Quiz

Which will evaluate your life insurance needs.

#2 Think About Dependents

Are you expecting? Do you already have kids? Is your partner disabled or reliant on your income?

#3 Signup For Term

Start your term life insurance with PolicyMe.

#4 Update!

Revisit your life insurance policy yearly. And update it if your situation changes.

PolicyMe Life Insurance Review

PolicyMe Life Insurance Review

Is PolicyMe right for you? This is my PolicyMe review after researching life insurance plans available for Canadians.

User Review
    Policy Me Life Insurance

    Best PolicyMe Features

    They ACTUALLY Care

    Before I started looking at PolicyMe – I hated any insurance company. But PolicyMe has broken the mold. They empower Canadians like you and I to make our own decisions and give us the tools needed to do so.

    Do you need insurance quiz

    Low fees

    Add child coverage for free

    Save 5% if you’re a couple!

    Instant decisions and private application

    PolicyMe Life Insurance Review

    PolicyMe Life Insurance Review

    Is PolicyMe right for you? This is my PolicyMe review after researching life insurance plans available for Canadians.

    User Review
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