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Money With Mark; making personal finances easy.

Personal finance influencer, speaker, YouTuber & entrepreneur. Sharing my in depth money stories and HUGE mistakes as I transition from worker -> entrepreneur -> financial freedom.

I believe that money should be easy. Control our money & we can lead fulfilling lives and do good things.

Work Less, Live More. Start Here.

Free google sheets budget template download

Google Sheets Template

Automatically track your personal or business cashflow in <15 minutes per month! Copy my free Google sheets templates to use for yourself!

best credit cards canada

My Favourite Credit Cards For Canadians

I’ve used and tried almost every credit card in Canada. So I’ve listed out my favourite credit cards that I use in my day to day life.

monk mode

Monk Mode: Productivity For Entrepreneurs

Maximize your results, and minimize your time spent working. Monk Mode is an extreme but temporary state of focus paired with eliminating distracting behaviours.

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Sharing my money mistakes with the world

Personal Finance Influencer & Speaker

We all make mistakes, and it’s ridiculous to think that we’re all these money savvy, high income earning, and investing wizards. 🧙

My most requested keynotes & podcast topics:

How I lost $30k and had the best year of my life.

Why I stopped budgeting and saved 300% more!

My biggest money mistakes as an entrepreneur.

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Canadian Personal Finance YouTuber

Money With Mark On YouTube

YouTube is my favourite way to create content that shows how simple managing money can be. I review fintech software, investing products, financial books, and entrepreneurial tools all designed to make our financial lives easy peasy. 👊

Money should work for you not the other way around

Your investments should not be a full time job

Coined the popular term quiet promotion

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More Helpful Personal Finance Resources:

Autogrowth Academy

Building A Business?

Learn how my marketing company has helped dozens of entrepreneurs hit their first 7 figure year. WITHOUT paying for ads.

Free google sheets budget template download

Google Sheets Template

Automatically pull your transactions into my ultimate dashboard. Allows you to easily track your personal or business cashflow in <15 minutes per month! Copy my free Google sheets templates to use for yourself!

financial wealth coaching

Wealth Coaching

As an athlete, I used coaches to help measure my progress, push me to improve, and hold me accountable to my goals. Image the possibilities when you apply those concepts to your wealth.

Financial Reviews

Reviewing Financial Products To Help You Choose The Best

As a personal finance speaker and influencer I create video and written website reviews of as many financials products I can get to! Plus use my links to get signup bonuses, extra cash back, free stocks and more goodies. 🤑


KOHO is the alternative for the big banks! Generate savings, build your credit history, and automatically earn interest on all your money that you hold. Read or watch my full KOHO review here. Or get your KOHO referral code.

Wealth Simple

Wealth Simple is trying to be the one stop shop for Canadians for banking, investing, and crypto.

Neo Financial

Neo financial is the newest Canadian fintech company making a scene promoting local business cash back programs with their credit card. Read my full Neo financial review here.

Where To Start With Your Money:


As a personal finance speaker I make sure that I’ve tested out all software, and books so you have the right info at hand.

Top 5’s

Top personal finance speakers, podcasts, YouTube channels, saving tools, and more. Find all my rankings posts here.

How To Guides

Common questions and problems with money answered as simply as possible.

Wealth Coaching

We hire coaches for athletes but refuse to have anyone keep us accountable to our financial goals? Let’s fix that.

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Money With Mark is a personal finance speaker, influencer, author and content creator on YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram.