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If you’re looking for KOHO referral codes to give you discounts, cash, and extra cash back then you’re in the right place! Money With Mark has partnered with KOHO to give you exclusive deals that can’t be found anywhere else.

Top 3 KOHO Referral Codes

With my KOHO referral codes you can sign up for KOHO, get their pre-paid credit cards, and access all of KOHO’s features. This includes making money by referring friends, creating savings goals, earning high interest on your savings, build your credit history and earn cash back on all your purchases.

Pick what KOHO product you want to start with here:

Signup & Get:

% 1 .20

Cash back on all your purchases!*

Signing up for KOHO is free, and you’ll get everything included in my KOHO review. *Bonus! If you use my link you’ll get an extra 1.2% cash back on all your purchases for the first 60 days.

Credit Building

$ 7 CAD

Per month for 6 months.

KOHO credit building opens and utilizes a line of credit to help you build your credit history. And the results are looking promising! Watch the YouTube video.

KOHO Premium

% 2

Cash back on eating, drinking, groceries, & transportation!

KOHO premium costs $9 per month, which is half the cost of a normal bank account. Plus you’ll get 2% cash back on all your essential spending.

How KOHO’s Referral Codes Work

As a KOHO customer, you can earn $20 every time you refer a friend and they signup for KOHO using your promo code. Your friends will also get a bonus of 1.2% cash back on all their spending for the first 60 days.
You make money, and your friends get more cash back. Win – win 👊

What is KOHO?

KOHO is a free app banking solution built for Canadians. You can earn interest, get cash back, save money, and pay 0 fees. Or level up by building your credit history or signing up for their many other premium features.

Is KOHO a credit card?

No. KOHO is a pre-paid card that is created by credit card companies. KOHO’s card works similar to a debit card.

How can you get extra cash back?

0.5% cash back is a nice base. But you can get a bonus 1.2% cash back by signing up with Money With Mark’s KOHO link here.

KOHO Referral Codes 2022 Premium & More | Money With Mark

Use Money With Mark's KOHO referral codes to get extra cash back, credit building and KOHO premium. Earn your 1.2% extra cash back bonus here!

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