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Growing up I was one of the fortunate ones who had parents that talked about money. My father gave (forced) me to read books like The wealthy barber and Rich dad, poor dad. I was (slightly less forced) to take personal finance classes in high school and post-secondary.

I was even lucky enough to come out of university with no debt, through a combination of my parents good money management, and all the money I made throughout high school, and university.

So you’d think a yuppie middle class white boy like me would have things figured out by the time I started my first job.

I still remember that first paycheck today. I was making about 45k a year in Calgary and my first bi-weekly paycheck was about $1,400. WOW, my rent was only $450, so that leaves me $950 PLUS I get another one of these bad boys in 2 weeks!!!

How will I ever run out of money!!! Boy I was very very wrong. Naive and young…


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Mark launches “Mediocre Money” YouTube channel

Mediocre money launched personal finance videos focusing on simple, and effective tactics to help Canadians manage money better.

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Rebrand to Money With Mark

Changing your brand name is one of the key signatures of trigger happy entrepreneurs for no purpose other than the how I like the sound of it

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Hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, 15,000 on Tik Tok

After putting out hundreds of videos on tik tok and over 50 on youtube Money With Mark grows to 1,000 subs on YT.

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