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Free Google Sheets Budget Template

The Money With Mark Anti-Budgeting Template™

Use the power of A.I. to unlock your wealth by automatically tracking your cashflow. Download my free Google sheets budget template. Learn how you can manage your finances in <15 minutes per month.

Artificial intelligence powering your Google sheets

Auto pull your transactions into your Google spreadsheet

Free tutorial video lessons and live support!

Unlock Your Wealth With My Budget Template Guide:

How It Works

Auto Categorize With A.I.

How To Copy My Template

The Truth About Budgets

Budgeting Comparison

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Manage your money in >15 minutes a month

The Anti-Budget That Makes Your Life Easier!

It’s no secret that budgets do not work for the majority of people (most people quit after 30 days). Even the word makes me cringe. 😬

Which is why my Google sheet budget template is the anti-budgeter solution. For those who hate the idea of budgeting and want a (semi) automated solution to:

Track your spending and income

See your savings grow (or shrink) automatically

Avoid the scarcity mindset that comes with budgeting

Using Artificial Intelligence To Make Your Life Easy

Auto Categorize Your Spending

Your free template is powered by A.I. Which automatically pulls your transactions and categorizes them. You just need to press start. I’m here to make your life easier. Not force you to spend hours a day meticulously writing your spending down.

So enjoy the power of my Google sheet budget template combined with Tiller Money to automatically pull and categorize your spending.

Set your budget categories once. Your spreadsheet automatically categorize your transactions after.

Need to re-categorize all transactions? No worries, you can use the auto cat tool to instantly re-categorize everything.

Google Sheet Budget Template FAQ’s

How much work does this spreadsheet take?

My philosophy with personal finances is to work less and live more. Which is why this spreadsheet is my anti-budget that you can use to track your spending & income in less than 15 minutes per month!

What if you need help setting up your template?

There are free video tutorials, plus you can get direct 1-1 video support to setup or optimize your sheets with Mark.

How is this powered by Artificial Intelligence?

This template uses A.I. to automatically pull and categorize your transactions. All you need to do is a bit of teaching, then press start.

How To Use My Google Sheet Budget Template

#1 Duplicate My Sheet

To an online brokerage like Wealthsimple

#2 Signup For Tiller Money

Which will automatically grab your transactions and pull them into your spreadsheet.

#3 Watch My Video Tutorial

I’ve filmed quick and dirty videos showing you how to setup your sheet.

#4 Start Saving!

Track your spending every month and watch your wealth build over time!

The truth is…

Why do you want a Google Sheets “budget”?

When we our debt is pilling up, or we just don’t have any money left over for savings. The traditional personal finance advice is that you need a budget. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact 86% of people quit within 30 days.

The real results that we want is:

  1. Pay off debt
  2. Save money

BUT a budget is not some magic wand that’ll make this happen. Even with my super fancy Google sheet budget template that automatically pulls your transactions and categorizes them for you.

Instead of wasting away hours every day manually counting your spending. Use A.I. to do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and get the intelligence you need.

Why you’ll never look back

The budget template you never knew you needed

In order to pay off debt, and save money (really the only 2 main goals of managing our cash flow). We only need to do 1 thing. Spend less money than you make.

But you already know that! Which is why I’ve specifically designed this spreadsheet to help you clearly see your money in and money out. This is called your cashflow. This allows you to see your savings accumulate to help you save and invest more money.

Traditional BudgetMoney With Mark Anti-Budget™
Automatically pulls your transactions
Takes < 15 minutes to update
Auto categorize your spending
Safe connection to your bank
Live video support

Get Your Free 2023 Cashflow Template

The Money With Mark Anti-Budget Template

No more wasted time

Automagically pull your transactions

Auto categorize your spending

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    Meet Money With Mark

    How To Stay Accountable

    I would not save a freaking dime if I did not have something to keep my finances accountable to. Successful CEOs report their financial goals to a board of directors. Athletes have coaches that push their progress to achieve incredible results.

    I decided that I needed to do the same. So I stopped being a “solopreneur” and got myself a fractional CFO to keep me accountable to my financial goals.

    That’s why I now return the favour to some select Money With Mark fans. You can apply now to use me as your accountability partner.

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    Free Google Sheets Budget Template
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      Free Google Sheets Budget Template
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