KOHO Visa Card Review & Referral Code!

I’m Mark, and I nerd out on personal finances πŸ€“ I spend my free time using apps, and analyzing everything that affects our money. Why? Because there is a lack of unbiased content for Canadians. So I’m here to help you make better financial decisions to live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives.

This is my KOHO Visa card review where I’m going over the pros and cons after using KOHO for the past 3 years. Plus give you a special KOHO referral code to give you an extra 1% cash back!

I know there’s a lot of KOHO reviews out there, but I doubt anyone is using KOHO on a daily basis like I am.

KOHO Referral Code!

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KOHO Review Summary

Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5
Best Feature: No fees… for anything!
Biggest Con: Can NOT accept e-transfers from friends Can now accept e-transfers from others!

KOHO Video Review

Watch Money With Mark on YouTube review KOHO and the new KOHO visa metal card.
3 years ago I ditched TD Canada Trust and went all in on KOHO. Why? Because it was miles better than anything the big banks have to offer.
Koho has no-fees, you earn interest on all the money in your account, plus you earn cash back on all your spending.
Now they even have a credit building feature too!


  • Basically a fully functioning bank
  • No bank fees
  • Can accept e-transfers from ANYONE!
  • Get Free money with my KOHO Referral Code!
  • Everyone gets cash back
  • Earn interest on ALL of your money
  • Credit building feature works well
  • BOLD statement piece – the metal card – I can’t tell you how many people have asked me about my metal Koho card. It really stands out and catches the eye.


  • Can not accept e-transfers from friends
  • Some places do not accept pre-paid visa cards (KOHO is a pre-paid card)
  • Can’t find ATM’s that are free
  • No investing platform
  • Not possible to spend more than you earn (but this is kinda a good thing too!)
  • Support staff takes a while to get back to you
  • Savings are allowed to be dipped into when you’re using your card

Should You Upgrade To KOHO Metal Visa Card?

Listen I’m the first person to say “don’t spend your money on frivolous shit”. Especially because our global culture is built on excess consumerism, which means we buy too much crap.

We buy crap we don’t use, then pay more for storage because we don’t have any place to fit all that crap. Just so that we can ride a motorcycle for 10 days every year.

But here’s the thing… every time I take out my KOHO metal visa card I feel so freaking cool 😎.

Now if you have credit card debt, or debt on a line of credit, or do not have at least 10k in an emergency fund. The do not buy this card. However, if your finances are in a decent place and you want an ego boost then πŸ’― buy the metal KOHO visa card. It’s heavy, metal, and super sleek. I get looks and questions on what the heck am I using EVERY time I take it out.


2022 KOHO Visa Card Review After 3 Years! | Money With Mark

Is KOHO right for you? This is my 2022 KOHO review after using it for 3 years. These are my pros & cons and use my referral code to earn more cash back!

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