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How to make money as a teenager (top 3 ways)

These are the top 3 ways that you can make money as a teenager or as a kid in 2021. Take  going to show you the best 3 ways to make money as a teenager

And I’m not messing around with trying to sell candy bars at school. I’m talking real, tangible ways that you can make up to $300 a day – if you do things right.

I’m Money With Mark and I’ve built and run 3 successful companies, and I’m going to walk you through making money for yourself, step by step.

Unlike other you tubers out there I have nothing to sell you, there’s no $1000 course to teach you how to make money on amazon. 

I’m an entrepreneur and have learned a lot of lessons… so stick around to the end of this video to learn the biggest mistake people make when trying to make money.

Which techniques are you going to try first?

1.  Start a local service based business

 Tutoring, coaching, snow removal, swim teaching, babysitting, painting, ski tuning, grass cutting, weed pulling – then start hiring your friends to do the work for you and take a cut off all their work

2. Sell a skill that you’re good at or interested in.

YouTube video editing, Tik Tok videos for businesses etc.  find the people or businesses you want to work for and reach out to 10 of them a day. 

3. Execution

Most people spend too much time learning and not enough time doing. Business ideas for you to make money with!

Raking leafs, snow removal, ski tuning, tutoring, swimming lessons, window cleaning, painting, pool maintenance, babysitting, hockey skate sharpening, shoe repairs, grass cutting, weed pulling.

Bonus: Reduce your overhead to jump start your finances

Try using no-fee banking alternatives like KOHO, Wealthsimple, or Tangerine. They are a great place to help you save money on your investments, and help your business earn top interest on all your cash reserves. Checkout my KOHO review (for personal banking) or Wealthsimple Cash review (for corporation banking).

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