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How To Use A Money Clip

How To Use A Money Clip, Step-By-Step

This how to guide will teach you exactly how to use a money clip. That way you can look cool. 😎 After you’ve mastered this I highly recommend that you take your fat stacks and start using high interest savings accounts like KOHO or Neo Financial. That way you can make your dollars work for you.

How To Use A Money Clip Step-By-Step

Using a money clip is very simple. But it’s important to know a few hacks to ensure you look like you know what you’re doing. Plus we’ll show you how to use your money clip to look like a high roller.

Step 1 Buy yourself a high quality money clip

Look for a money clip that is made of steel, or carbon. Not plastic. Personally I prefer the ridge wallet with a money clip attached. It’s an expandable wallet to hold your cards and an external money clip. Plus it has RFID blocking tech to ensure your credit cards can not be stolen when in close proximity to scammers in public places.

Step 2 Take our at least $150 in cash

Next, you’re going to take out $150 in cash. You’ll need one $100 bill, and ten $5 bills.

Step 3 Organize your bills to look like a high roller

Put all the $5 bills together, then wrap the $100 bill around the outside of the $5 bills. A simple rule of thumb is to always have the largest face value bill on the outside of your folded money.

Step 4 Fold & slide the money into your money clip

You have 2 options for folding your money. Option 1 is to fold your bills in half and slide it into your money clip. Option 2 is to fold your bills into thirds then slide it into your money clip.

Option 1 is the most common used method, but can be bulky and more square than your wallet. Option 2 will give the illusion that you have more money than you do. Plus it will


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how not to use a money clip

Don’t fall for these common beginner money clip mistakes

How to NOT use your money clip

Use a money clip is not a simple as someone might think. The amount of times people use money clips incorrectly is shocking. Avoid looking like a rookie by avoiding doing the following:

Do put your clip on the long edge of your money. You will not get the grip that you need. The clip will slide around, and you may even damage or rip your bills by cutting them this way.

Do not put your money clip over the short edge of your bills. Same principle applies here. You’re more likely for your clip to fall off, and your bills get damaged.

Putting your $1 bills overtop of your stack. If you want to look broke just put $1 bills at the top of your money clip stack. Or if you want to catch eyes when out in the big city you should be putting the biggest bills on top.

Final thoughts on your money clip

Money Clip Do’s

Get a money clip / rfid wallet combo (metal).

Small bills inside, large bills outside.

Put the thick folded part of your bills in first.

how to use a money clip

Money Clip FAQ’s

What’s the best money clip to use?

The best money clip is an RFID wallet and money clip combo. I recommend going for a higher quality one like from Ridge.

Is there an incorrect way to use a money clip?

Yes, there’s 3 main ways that people typically miss use money clips. Putting the clip over the long edge, or putting the clip over the folded short edge is incorrect. Also you should put your biggest face value bills on the outside so you look like a high roller.

How much cash can a clip hold?

It depends on how big your money clip is. Typically they can hold up to $2,000 cash if you’re holding all $100 bills.

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