Neo Financial Visa Card Review

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This is my Neo Financial visa card review where I’m going over the pros and cons after using Neo. Neo is a fintech company based out of Calgary Alberta. They’re trying to reinvent the way Canadians bank

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Neo Review Summary

Overall Rating: 2.5 / 5
Best Feature: 2-6% cash back at some local shops
Biggest Con: Lack of features

Neo financial review

Neo Financial Referral Code!

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Neo Pros

  • Good cash back at some local stores
  • Earn 1.3% interest on your savings account
  • No yearly credit card fees (you are charged interest if you don’t pay off it in full)

Neo Cons

  • Cash back limited to mostly Calgary stores
  • Not a pre-paid credit card so it does count towards your credit score
  • Not many features
  • Can earn more cash back from other credit cards

Neo Financial Video Review

Watch Money With Mark on YouTube review Neo Financial and their new visa card.
Neo provides you with a credit card and a high interest savings account.

Should You Change To a Neo Visa Card?

At this point in time I don’t see any reason to really adopt using Neo. It seems like it’s just a credit card and a high interest savings account. For me personally I’d rather just have a better credit card (where I can earn more cash back or aeroplan points) and have a separate high interest savings account. Like from EQ Bank or Koho, or I guess Neo… however Neo makes you get the credit card in order to get the high interest savings account.

Why would you change to Neo Financial?
If you live in Calgary, and shop a lot at local stores that Neo has partnered with, then it may make sense for you to adopt Neo. However it’s important to know that there’s not a lot of features in Neo at this point, and it doesn’t really operate like a bank.

Where Koho visa cards are prepaid, the Koho app functions basically like a bank but with better features. Then there’s Wealth Simple where they have basically replaced investing. With Neo I’m not exactly sure what they’re trying to replace… credit cards are more so part of a bank so I’m assuming they’re going to try and compete more with Koho.

Neo FAQ’s

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