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GoPeer Investing & Lending Review

My Honest GoPeer Review After 2 Years!

I’m Mark, and I’m a personal finance nerd 🤓 I spend my free time using apps that affect our money. Why? Because there is a lack of unbiased content for Canadians. So I’m here to help you evaluate financial products to live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives.

This is my GoPeer review where I’ll show you the pros and cons of GoPeer lending and investing side. GoPeer is a peer-to-peer lending platform for Canadians to request, and crown fund loans. No big banks allowed.

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Table Of Contents

GoPeer Pros

GoPeer Cons

Become an Investor

Fav Investing Features

GoPeer Lending FAQ’s

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gopeer investing platform

Canada’s best peer-to-peer lending platform

GoPeer Pros

If you have not watched my full GoPeer review on YouTube, you should! GoPeer is the best way for Canadian investors to provide bank-like loans directly to thousands of Canadian borrowers.

Auto invest where all your returns get re-invested.

Set your risk rating from D to A+ choose what pre-screened borrowers you want to loan to.

Easy dashboard to instantly see your returns.

Potentially earn a higher return than real estate, or stock investing.

Auto diversify your loans by setting a portfolio percentage per loan.

GoPeer Investing Review, The Risks

GoPeer Cons

In this GoPeer review you’ll start to realize that you can operate your investments very similar to the big banks. Which is a fantastic thing for both GoPeer investors and borrowers. Cut out the middle man, and the people win.

$10,000 max contributions for investors. I believe this is due to the companies insurance rules. However you can apply with them to invest even more. Although I haven’t done so yet.

You will have delinquents. Some of your money may not ever be recoverable. Just like the big banks, which is why you should use the diversify feature to limit single exposures.

No mobile app. I hope this is coming soon, it would make a great addition to my investments folder on my phone.

Your investment portfolio is not insured. You are loaning directly to people, and sometimes people do not pay back their loans.

gopeer auto invest

GoPeer Lending Review FAQ’s

How does GoPeer work?

GoPeer is a Canadian peer-to-peer lending platform. Which allows investors (like myself) to lend my money directly to other Canadians. It also allows borrowers to apply for car loans, consolidations loans etc. which have the possibility to be crowd funded by Canadian investors.

How does GoPeer make money?

GoPeer makes money by charging borrowers for unsuccessful or late loan payments. They also make money by charging GoPeer investors 1.5% annual fee on profits. There also may be some collection fees for investors – if GoPeer is going after delinquent payers. Learn more about their fees here.

Is GoPeer safe to use?

If you’re interested in requesting a loan from GoPeer – yes it’s completely safe to use. However if you’re reading this because you want a GoPeer investing review on the safety. Then yes and no. While the GoPeer platform is safe to use, all investing comes with a certain amount of risk. There is a high chance that you will lose some of your portfolio to delinquent borrowers.

GoPeer, also known as Peer Securities is a member of OSBI (Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments), and a registered exempt market dealer in all Canadian provinces.

How To Get Become An Investor

#1 Signup

Securely signup as an investor using my link:

#2 Verify Your Identity

Required for both investors and borrowers.

#3 Invest Funds

Setup your recurring savings for GoPeer to invest.

#4 Start Earning

Earn returns as your loans mature.

gopeer diversified portfolio

Best GoPeer Lending Feature

Diversified & Automatic Investing

GoPeer gives you the ability to do your due diligence on every borrow is great. But it’s not realistic. That’s why I love that they allow you to automatically choose the grade of borrowers that you loan money to. And to automatically re-invest your returns. Plus this will max out how much risk you have to any 1 borrower.

Choose what grade of borrower you’ll loan to

Spread your risk out automatically

Auto re-invest your returns (compound interest baby!)

My final thoughts for this GoPeer Review

Investors Rejoice!

If you’re investing your money, this is a great way to allocate a small portion of your savings to GoPeer’s lending platform. The returns are high, but also comes with slightly higher risk. However this is a great way for Canadians to provide loans just like the banks do.

I allocate ~5% of my savings to my GoPeer account. Give it a try and let me know how you do!

go peer lending loan dashboard with grades for each loan's risk
My Honest GoPeer Review for Canadian Borrowers & Investors
  • GoPeer Investing & Lending Review
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  • GoPeer Investing & Lending Review
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User Review
  • GoPeer Investing & Lending Review

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