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Amex Aeroplan® Business Reserve Card Review

My Amex Aeroplan Business Reserve Card Unboxing & Review

I’m Money With Mark, Canadian entrepreneur and personal finance nerd🤓. I spend my free time reviewing personal finance credit cards and products to help Canadians make informed financial decisions.

This is my American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card unboxing & initial review. You’ll get the pros and cons of this premium business card. PLUS get a bonus 20,000 Aeroplan points using my link below:

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Amex Aeroplan Pros

Amex Aeroplan Cons

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Most Useful Card Benefits

Business Reserve Card FAQ’s

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Amex aeroplan business reserve card

The Ultimate Business Credit Card For Canadians

Amex Aeroplan® Business Card Pros

If you have not watched my full Amex Aeroplan Business Reserve Card Onboxing on YouTube, you should! This is the top of the line credit card available for Canadians. With more pros than any other credit card provider.

Earn 90k – 140k in Aeroplan points

10x Aeroplan points on hotels, car rentals, and Air Canada purchases

1.25x Aeroplan points on all spending

Access to Priority Pass™ & Maple Leaf Lounge™ access

$100 Nexus credit

Free Uber Pass for 12 months

Travel coverage, purchase coverage, business coverage, employee misuse protection

Free first checked bag, priority boarding

Amex AMAZING customer service & concierge service

A Few Big Downsides For Canadians Using Amex

Amex Business Reserve Card Cons

The pros of using the American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve credit card are huge and numerous. However the few, but big downsides to Amex is exactly why they offer so many big benefits. Amex is a high cost, high rewards style credit card.

Many places do not accept Amex cards (due to having the highest credit card processing fees on a business end)

Card costs $599 / year, every year. Meanwhile your signup bonuses can be a 1 time thing.

american express aeroplan business reserve card financial details

American Express Aeroplan Business Card FAQ’s

Why should you pay up for the Amex Aeroplan Reserve Card?

The main reason that Canadians should pay up for the premium Amex Business Aeroplan Reserve credit card is for the insane benefits! With massive signup bonus of 100k+ Aeroplan points, the incredible Amex concierge service, free checked bags, priority boarding, airport lounge access, travel insurance, purchase protection, business insurance and more.

Should Canadian entrepreneurs choose Amex over Visa or Mastercard?

It’s simple. Entrepreneurs need quick, and reliable customer support & insurance through credit cards. Amex pride themself on their customer support and free concierge service. If you want to stop wasting time on hold, and actually get paid for the insurance your premium credit card has. Then American Express is the right choice.

Is American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve card metal?

Yes! The Amex Aeroplan corporate card is a heavy, premium metal card that’s matte black. One of the sharpest looking and feeling corporate credit cards available to Canadians.

How To Get Your 100,000+ Aeroplan Signup Bonus

#1 Apply Now

Apply for the card, and use my link below to get a bonus 40k Aeroplan points!

#2 Wait

Wait as American Express reviews your corporate and personal credit history & income.

#3 Activate

Activate your card via the Amex App or online.

#4 Earn!

Start spending to ensure that you hit the minimum spend to maximize your Aeroplan bonus points.

american express aeroplan corporate card reserve

Best Credit Card Benefits:

Amex Concierge & Signup Bonus

The 2 biggest benefits of this corporate credit card is the Amex Concierge service and the HUGE signup bonus.

Amex concierge & customer support, when you call Amex you rarely wait for someone. Plus their customer support is extremely high quality, well trained, and VERY supportive. These benefits are simply not talked about enough.

Huge Aeroplan points bonus when you signup you can earn the most Aeroplan points than any other credit card available.

Amex aeroplan corprorate credit card unboxing

Money With Mark’s Final Thoughts:

My Personal Thoughts on The Corporate Amex Reserve Card

Aeroplan points are the best credit card rewards program available for Canadians. So choosing an Aeroplan credit card is the right way to go.

When I’m considering which corporate credit card to choose from I’d rather go for the biggest signup bonus & best perks. Even if it has the highest annual fee. Why? Because I’ll churn my corporate credit card every couple years. So the extra 40k in aeroplan points that you can get from the top of the line card is worth it.

Amex Aeroplan® Business Reserve Card Review
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