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Best Instant Approval Credit Cards In Canada

Mark’s favourite card for instant approvals is….

Welcome to Money With Mark, where we take a deep dive into the world of personal finance – and come up laughing. Here, we chat about everything from entrepreneurship to instant approval credit cards in Canada. Because let’s face it, we all love the idea of getting instantly approved so you can start spending money.

But before you do that I caution you to slow down a second and watch my video to truly understand how to evaluate cards and find the best credit card for your situation!

neo financial cash back credit card

Mark’s Top Pick: Neo Financial

$0 Annual fee

Instant approval

Earn High interest on your savings

I tested out 10 credit cards to find the quickest approvals for you

But hold your horses, not all that glitters is gold. Armed with honest reviews, unconventional insights, and just a touch of snark, I’ll help you navigate the maze of instant approval credit cards, along with other financial products. Let’s find the gems that work best for your wallet. No sugarcoating, no BS, just your money made easy.

Watch Mark break down exactly what he likes, and hates about these quick approval cards available for Canadians.

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Find What You Need

TLDR: Comparing The Best Quick Approval Credit Card

My Top 3 Instant Approval Credit Cards In Canada

How I evaluate these cards

Mark’s Credit Score Protocol

Instant Approval FAQ’s

Comparing the best credit cards:

Instant Approval Card Comparison

You need to understand how to compare credit cards before you choose a card.

I’ve researched and signed up for almost all Canada’s most popular credit cards to help you choose the right one. I found that my favourite overall instant approval credit card was Neo Financial.

Neo FinancialWealth Simple Cash CardKOHO
Annual Fee$0$0$0
Interest on Purchases19.99% – 26.99%0%0%
Instant approval?
Credit or Pre Paidbothpre paidpre paid
Best FeatureHigh interest savingsHigh interest savingsJoint accounts
Rewards programcash backaeroplan pointscash back
Mark’s Rating5/53.5/54/5

Need a card RIGHT NOW?

Instant Approval & Instant Access

Instant approval credit cards are for those who need a credit card quickly. These types of cards allow you to receive a decision on your application within minutes or even seconds.

It’s important to note that instant approval doesn’t necessarily mean instant access to credit. The time it takes to receive your physical card and activate it may vary depending on the card issuer. However you can get virtual cards instantly with popular fintech companies in Canada.

Get Access Instantly:

koho mastercard

KOHO Credit Card

Instant virtual card access

Pre-paid card (no debt!)

Earn high interest on savings

neo financial cash back credit card

Neo Credit Card

Instant virtual card access

Earn 1 – 8% cashback

Earn high interest on savings

wealthsimple card

Wealthsimple Cash Card

Instant virtual card access

Pre-paid card (no debt!)

Earn high interest on savings

Follow Mark’s credit card protocol for optimal results

⚠️Caution: Most Credit Cards Are Not Used Optimally

Don’t fall for the common credit traps, and make sure that you learn how to use and compare credit cards. Mark has boiled down the best credit score advice into his credit card protocol. Which will maximize your travel hacking points and minimize the risk of impacting your credit score.

    optimal credit card protocol

    Credit card evaluation

    How I evaluate these credit cards

    Obviously getting instant feedback on your credit card application is the utmost importance when looking for a quick approval card.

    After that what I look for is companies that provide an easy to use app interface, have amazing features, and prioritize good financial habits. Typically this excludes most of the big banks, who try to hide fees, and make your money seem complex.

    That’s why in my content you’ll see me gravitate towards more progressive financial technology companies like Neo Financial and KOHO.

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    What Makes The Best Quick Approval Credit Card?

    What quick approval credit card is the easiest to get in Canada?

    Neo Financial was the easiest credit card that I’ve ever signed up for. I was instantly approved with a virtual card ready for instant activation on my Apple Pay / Google Pay. Plus their app is the easiest to use that I’ve ever seen. With $0 annual fee and the ability to help you earn interest on your savings with their high interest cash account I would recommend Neo Financial as one of the best credit cards in Canada.

    Should you choose pre-paid or regular credit card?

    The best card for you depends on your situation. If you have troubles staying out of debt, or are a new comer to Canada then you may have issues getting approved for most credit cards. So I would recommend using a pre paid card like KOHO. Or on the flip side if you manage your money well, earn a high income and are looking to maximize your savings look for a company with a lot of perks like Wealthsimple or Amex.

    Does cancelling a card hurt your credit score?

    Cancelling a card has the potential to hurt your score, but does not necessarily mean it will impact your score. When handling credit you should ensure you’re not opening and closing a lot of accounts in a short amount of time. Plus make sure you pay the full balance off every month, and never spend more than 30% of the maximum credit available to you.

    Summary of the best quick approval credit cards for Canadians

    As we wrap up our wild ride through the financial landscape, remember that at Money With Mark, you’ve got an unconventional, slightly sarcastic sidekick in the world of ‘Instant Approval Credit Cards in Canada’ and beyond. This isn’t just about quick fixes, it’s about making informed decisions that truly benefit your financial health.

    Whether you’re a rookie entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran in the financial game, you’ll always get straight-shooting, honest reviews right here. So, until our next financial adventure, keep those wallets savvy, and remember – your money matters.

    instant approval credit cards canada

    My Favourite Instant Approval Credit Card: Neo Financial!

    Instant virtual card access

    Earn 1 – 8% cashback

    Earn high interest on savings

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