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Top 5 Financial Independence Podcasts

My Top 5 Favourite Retire Early Podcasts

I’m Mark, and I nerd out on personal finances 🤓 This is my top 5 favourite financial independence, retire early podcasts.

I put a heavy focus making our money work for us. And not the other way around. Because I want you to live more, and work less.

Whether you’re commuting, working, or working out keeping conscious of your money is important. You’ll pickup tips and tricks to improve your spending, saving, investing, and earning potential with these podcasts.

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The Money With Mark Show

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it’s SUPER biased for me to rank my own financial independence podcast as the best podcast. But you’re reading my own website so what did you expect?

Sharing my personal money mistakes

Focus on saving loads of money

Focus on generating new income with house hacking and entrepreneurship


Master Keys Podcast

An Atlantic Canadian podcast focused on teaching and keeping real estate investors updated on national and international economic stories. They both are savvy real estate investors but do a good job at helping people finance their way from a few properties into many.

Real estate investing focused

Intermediate – advanced

master keys podcast
my first million podcast


My First Million

My first million is a fantastic podcast that shows you how entrepreneurs are being creative and making their first million dollars. They showcase a lot of stories of entrepreneurs who make their first million dollars.

Focus on growing or buying a business


The Graham Cochrane Show

Podcast and youtube show focused on building online information businesses. To help you work less and live more. His episodes focus on helping entrepreneurs create online businesses. However he does cover a lot of personal finance related topics.

Especially helpful for entrepreneurs who are trying to manage / integrate or separate their personal finances from their corporate finances.

Online business focused

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Mad Fientist financial independence podcast


Financial Independence Podcast

The MAD Fientist doesn’t publish a lot of episodes now that he is retired (ironic right?). However all the episodes are worth a listen. Experience how someone’s mentality changes as approaching and experience financial independence and retiring early.

Focus on financial independence, retire early

Financial Independence Podcast FAQ’s

What is financial independence?

Financial independence is having enough capital invested in assets that can produce more than enough yearly income for your to live off. In simple terms. financial independence is being free of having to exchange your time for money.

What makes a good financial independence podcast?

A good F.I. podcast will focus on growing your income, reducing your expenses, and increasing your investments. The top 6 podcasts listed here each tackle a different aspect of each pillar.

What’s the best way to learn about retiring early?

The best way to learn about F.I.R.E. is however you prefer to learn! Some people might enjoy reading books, others watching YouTube videos, and for some it’ll be listening to podcasts and audio books. Choose what you like, and stick with it.

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