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My Top 7 Budget Planner Books

My Top 7 Budget Planner Books

I’m Mark, and I nerd out on personal finances, 🤓 these are my top 7 favourite budget planner books.

I put a heavy focus making our money work for us. And not the other way around. Because we want to live more, and work less.

Whether you’re commuting, working, or running your own business like me. Staying conscious of your money is important, critical. These books will help you plan out your spending, income, to keep you on top of your finances.

If you want to level up your personal finance knowledge then you should also be listening to the best personal finance podcasts too!

#1 The Best Budget Planner – is Google Sheets

Tiller Money

Sick of manually writing down your expenses? Me too. That’s why I recommend replacing your budget planner with Tiller Money. Tiller automatically connects your bank account to pre-formated excel and google sheet. Letting you budget and track REAL spending in 1 minute per month!


Automatic pulling & categorizing of your spending

Free budget spreadsheet templates

Quickly see your costs vs budget

Available for you immediately


Not a physical planner

Not available in some countries

Only mainstream banks can be connected

tiller money one of the best budget planners around
clever fox budget planner pro book


Clever Fox – Budget Planner Pro

Clever Fox is all about journals. Anything you’ve thought you wanted a journal for, they got it. If you’re looking to follow the ruthless cash method of budgeting then this is the budget planner for you.


Focused on your cash flow

Envelops for the “cash method”

Monthly planner to show your expenses and income


Rather small in size

Not the most simple planner


Money Tamer – Budget Binder

Buy once, print and repeat! Start your own customized budget binder with Money Tamer’s guide sheets. Track your monthly expenses, create a money budget, and review your results.


Reusable – buy once and print for every year

Simple, customizable

Monthly budget review notes

Available for you immediately


Bring your own binder

Have to print it yourself

Have to organize it yourself

Budget binder by money tamer
Legend planner budget planner


Legend Deluxe Budget Planner

The Legend Budget Planner is a relatively new planner. It’s size is A5 (5.5″ x 8.3″). It has a beautiful design with heavy, high quality pages, and an embossed cover.


Super high quality design

Beginner approved

Comes with clear stickers


Only space for a few debts to list

No extra pages between months

What Are The Best Budget Planner Books?

What is the easiest budget planner book?

A wealth coach is someone who works with individuals / business owners to help push them towards their goals. Money With Mark’s wealth coaching is targeting to those looking to live a more holistic life; working less, and living more.

What is the best budget planner book for beginners?

There’s many people out there who want you to hustle till you collapse. Or live so frugally that you can’t even afford to have a coffee with an old friend. That’s not my approach. I believe that everyone’s money decisions are unique to you. And that your approach to wealth should be holistic and help you work less, and live more.

What is the best reusable budget book?

Money Tamer makes a fantastic reusable budget planner. Buy it once and print it off as many times as you want! Only downside is that you need to constantly organize, print, and bind it yourself. Usually I prefer to do less work – so this would not be my first recommendation for beginners.


Limitless Mindset Budget Planner

This is a complete planner that is big and best for couples or families. It is 6″ x 9″ so you have enough space to write about the details of your income and expenses. It also features 3 envelopes to store cash for upcoming bills.


Durable & flips down flat

Plans for 2 years out

Non-dated allows to use it any year

2 pockets for bills / receipts


Light weight paper

No instructions

Limitless mindset budget book
Erin Condren budget planner petite book


Erin Condren – Petite Planner Budget Book

Best for beginners this simple budget planner allows to track your bad spending habits, plan for future expenses. Plus tackle big financial goals and get inspired with quotes!


Colourful with inspirational quotes

Beginner friendly

Sheet of financial stickers


Feels a bit cheap

No monthly calendar


Boxclever Press Budget Planner

Best planner to help you get out of debt. It has 13 pockets to keep all your receipts, bills or money. Has spacious weekly sections and lots of room for daily entries.


Track income, bills, debts

Track recurring expenses

High quality and large

Holiday spending tracking


No Calendar

Some sections are pre-filled

boxclever press budget planner expenditure book

My Thoughts On Budget Planners

Research shows us that 85% of people who make a budget never stick to it, and quit. That means that traditional “budgeting” is failing us. Budget planners are not helping most people save, pay off debt, or stick to their budgets.

So after you’ve attempted using these budget planners, try budgeting the easy way. Personally I use Tiller Money, it automatically tracks all my spending in a google sheet, and allows me to quickly set a monthly / yearly budget for each category in 15 seconds. 😱

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