Why is total credit recovery calling me?

A lot of Canadians want to know why total credit recovery is calling you. Total credit recovery is calling you because you have an outstanding bill that needs to be paid.

And there’s 3 easy steps to save yourself money and deal with this credit collection agency easily.

Top 3 Mistakes With Total Credit Recovery

The good news, is that you can ignore all of their calls, texts, and emails. That’s because Total Credit Recovery is a credit collection agency. One of the most popular in Ontario. They’re hired to go collect money owed on overdue bills. When a business sends a bill to a collection agency, it does impact your credit score. You can minimize the potential impact to your credit score with these 3 steps.

#1 Do NOT put it off

If you’re getting calls from total credit recovery or another collection agency. You need to get this taken care of ASAP. Do not put it off.

The longer you put off paying unpaid bills the more of an impact it will have on your credit score. Just like the Lannisters you too need to pay your debts.

#2 Contact who you owe (not total credit recovery)

Do NOT contact total credit recovery. You NEED to contact the company that you owe the money to.

Let’s make this crystal fucking clear; you do not owe shit to the credit collection agency (aka total credit recovery). If you deal with the company you actually owe money to then total credit recovery will stop contacting you.

So how do you find out what bill this is about?

  • See if Total Credit Recovery mentioned what company / bill was outstanding.
  • Check your email, junk box, and old emails to see if there’s any bill notices from phone, internet, utilities etc.
  • Call Transunion or Equifax and ask what outstanding bills you have. If their customer support can not tell you, then signup for Transunion credit monitoring – that’ll give you an account that does show your unpaid bills and credit claims.

#3 Pay your old bills and get them to retract their collection

After you have found the company that you actually owe money to go pay them what you owe.

When you’re on the phone with them organizing your payment for your overdue bill ask them to retract their credit collection for this bill.

If you don’t do this then total credit recovery might keep calling you…. so to avoid this make sure the company contacts total credit and withdraws their credit collection inquiry with you.

You’re Done!

That’s why total credit recovery is calling you, and that’s how to get them to STOP.

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why is total credit recovery calling me?

Credit collection agencies in Canada SUCK.

Total Credit Recovery

TCR is one of Canada’s most popular credit collection companies.